Canada’s diverse landscapes and vibrant cities make it a sought-after destination for residents and newcomers alike. Whether you’re a student, professional, or family looking for a place to call home, the country offers a plethora of house rental options. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best house rental companies in Canada that cater to a variety of preferences and needs.

  1. Zoocasa:
    • Zoocasa is a popular online real estate platform that not only helps individuals buy and sell homes but also facilitates the rental process.
    • The platform provides an extensive database of rental properties across Canada, offering a user-friendly interface that allows users to filter their search based on preferences such as location, budget, and amenities.
  2. Rentfaster:
    • Known for its extensive database of rental properties, Rentfaster is a go-to platform for those looking for homes in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary.
    • The platform allows landlords to list their properties with detailed descriptions and photos, making it easier for potential tenants to find the perfect match for their needs.
  3. Kijiji:
    • While Kijiji is primarily known as a classifieds platform, it has become a significant player in the Canadian rental market.
    • Users can find a variety of rental listings, ranging from apartments to houses, with the added benefit of direct communication with landlords.
  4. PadMapper:
    • PadMapper simplifies the house-hunting process by aggregating listings from various sources, including other rental websites and directly from landlords.
    • The platform’s map-based interface allows users to visualize the location of available rentals, making it easier to find a property in their preferred neighborhood.
  5. RentBoard:
    • RentBoard is a dedicated platform for rental listings, catering to both landlords and tenants.
    • Users can browse through a wide range of properties, and landlords can benefit from additional features like property management tools.
  6. Hollyburn Properties:
    • Hollyburn Properties is a property management company that owns and operates rental communities in major cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.
    • Known for its commitment to quality and customer service, Hollyburn Properties offers a range of rental options, from apartments to townhouses.
  7. Del Condominium Rentals:
    • Specializing in condominium rentals, Del Condominium Rentals operates in the Greater Toronto Area, offering a range of furnished and unfurnished units.
    • The company focuses on providing a hassle-free rental experience with professional property management services.


Finding the perfect rental home in Canada can be an exciting yet challenging process. Fortunately, with the help of reputable rental companies like Zoocasa, Rentfaster, Kijiji, PadMapper, RentBoard, Hollyburn Properties, and Del Condominium Rentals, tenants can streamline their search and discover a place that suits their lifestyle and preferences. Before making any decisions, it’s essential for renters to carefully review the terms, conditions, and policies of each company to ensure a smooth and enjoyable rental experience.

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